DB creations

Challenge What's Possible

DB Creations is a small team of passionate developers that work on VR/AR/MR projects. With industry experience in AAA game development and enterprise HoloLens applications, we bring the agility and passion of video games to high quality, scalable software solutions.

In operation since 2015, the studio has been focused on our flagship product, Chimera Reader - the first commercially available e-Book reader for virtual reality devices. It launched on the Samsung Gear VR in early 2016, and has gone on to become the world’s most downloaded VR e-Book reading application.

Blake Gross

Blake is a software engineer who works on mixed reality applications and games. His core role in DB Creations is the design and development of various MR apps. He is passionate about pushing the MR space forward, focusing his efforts at work and at home on new projects that advance the medium.

Dustin Kochensparger

Dustin is an accomplished producer in the AAA games space who loves to build VR/AR applications. As one of the founders of DB Creations, he works on the creative, organizational, and business side of development. He's passionate about new technologies, and wants to use user-oriented designs to make accessible and novel experiences.

Player First

As a studio, we are passionate about creating new and exciting applications for the VR/AR/MR space. We believe that for these new markets to succeed, it is necessary to invest in fun game-like experiences as well as utility and productivity solutions.

Chimera Reader

Chimera Reader is one of the first virtual utility apps, a VR e-Book reader. Simply load up your book files, and read them in a relaxing, immersive environment. It has been released worldwide on the Oculus and Xiaomi VR marketplaces.

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