Become the captain of a mighty naval fleet and use your holodeck to send ships, submarines, and aircraft into battle! Standing on the bridge of your flagship, you are at the center of the exciting tactical action. Give orders using the 3D holographic battle board and then watch as the fleet lumbers into place through the bridge windows. ​Use your skills to outwit your opponents and be the first to sink every last one of their ships! ​ In the multiplayer alpha, learn the basics in the tutorial, and then hone your skills against the AI, before battling your friends in exciting 1v1 multiplayer matches.


Multiplayer Alpha Launch

We're launching Admiral Wars Multiplayer Alpha in Feburary to get the community involved to help us build an epic naval strategy game for Quest! We'll be pushing regular updates as we head towards a full release.


  • Real Time Strategy with Strategic Pacing​: Draw the paths of massive capital ships, stealthy submarines, and agile jets. Use the environment of the map to your advantage!
  • Arcade Style Tactics​: Enjoy over the top action and spectacle over complicated mechanics – make big strategic choices, instead of worrying about every little detail
  • Many Ways to Play: A challenging VS AI mode lets single players try out tactics, and those up for a real fight can invite a friend to battle in a 1v1 showdown through multiplayer. A fully voiced tutorial explains the game's core systems quickly.
  • Accessible VR Content for All​: The game takes place in your space and supports both seated and standing play​.
  • Epic Battles over a Large Ocean​: Immerse yourself in a beautiful naval battlefield, where waves lap against the bow of your ship as you chart a course through the massive islands and fortifications. With a full day/night cycle, various areas to explore, and large battles, it's a spectacle on Quest.


Multiplayer Alpha Launch TrailerYouTube


About DB Creations

DB Creations is a Washington based independent game studio that builds VR and AR experiences. Our goal is to enable everyday life in the cross-section of realities.
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Admiral Wars Credits

Dustin Kochensparger
Founder, DB Creations
Blake Gross
Founder, DB Creations
Kevin Harris
Art Director
Jesse Holt
Music and Audio
Jackie McGraw
UI and Branding
Special thanks to all our playtesters!